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The Unforgettable Private Guided Tours of Luxor

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Every traveler’s dream is to have an unforgettable experience in every destination they visit. One of the most fascinating tourist destinations to visit is Luxor; the home of ancient antiquities and the pharaohs’ route. There is no better way to explore this enchanting city than with personalized tours. Check out this external source to obtain more details on the topic., immerse yourself further in the subject.

Why Choose A Private Tour Guide?

There is a myriad of reasons for opting for a private guide when visiting Luxor.

  • You will enjoy tailored tours that suit your preference and interests.
  • No need to worry about navigating the city on your own, a private guide will lead the way and show you hidden gems that may not be found in guide books.
  • You will have a chance to ask questions, get more information about the history of Luxor and visit sites of your choice at your own pace.
  • You can have a more personal experience with your guide, get insider tips on the best local food and drinks, interact with locals and learn more about the culture and daily life in Luxor.
  • The Best Sights to Visit in Luxor

    Luxor is a fascinating city with a rich history dating back to thousands of years ago. Here are some of the must-visit sites in Luxor:

    1. Valley of the Kings

    The most famous of all Luxor attractions is the Valley of the Kings, where royalty of ancient Egypt were buried. Your private guide will take you through the history of the valley, the kings who were buried there, and the techniques used to make the valley watertight. There are 63 tombs that were discovered here, with most of them being closed to the public.

    2. Temple of Karnak

    Karnak is the largest temple complex in the world a must-visit destination in Luxor. It took 2000 years to construct, making it an excellent subject of admiration for foreign travelers.

    3. Luxor Temple

    The Luxor temple is located in the heart of Luxor and is known as one of the well-preserved temples in Ancient Egypt. The southern part of the temple was built during the reign of Amenhotep III, while the northern part was built during the reign of Tutankhamun and Horemheb.

    4. Hatshepsut Temple

    This temple is situated in Deir el-Bahari, a short distance from the Valley of the Kings. Hatshepsut was the second woman to ever rule ancient Egypt, and this temple is a commemoration of her life and reign.

    How to Organize a Private Tour of Luxor

    First, you need to decide what you would like to see during your tour, and how many days you will spend in Luxor. Then do a quick internet search for reputable tour guides in the area which can involve checking reviews to determine the most recommended guiding companies. Once you decide on the company, you can send them an email, and they will be able to create an itinerary based on what you have requested. Payment is often done in advance or on the day of the tour.


    Undoubtedly, Luxor has a treasure trove of epic monuments and ancient artifacts. However, to add the “wow” factor to your tour, it is recommended that you get a private guide to make the experience more personal and tailored to your interests. A classic experience awaits you in Luxor as you take on the pharaohs’ route, and it can prove to be a lifetime memory. Dive even deeper into the subject matter by accessing this recommended external website. Private tours of Egypt, you’ll find more information and a different approach to the topic discussed.

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