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EL Development: A History of Success in the Property Market

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The Beginnings of EL Development

EL Development is a well-known property development company in Singapore that has a renowned history of providing innovative architectural designs and quality workmanship through their projects. The company was founded in 2007, but it was not until three years later that it started its first development: Parc Centennial. This project proved to be a success and was the start of a long and successful journey for EL Development.

EL’s Successful Projects

In the years that followed, EL Development continued to deliver successful projects that contributed to the unique landscape of Singapore. One significant property development that deserves mention is SkySuites 17. Located in a prime location along Balestier road, this project features elegant architectural design and luxurious amenities. The development achieved a sell-out within weeks of launch, setting a new benchmark of excellence for its developer.

Another remarkable development that underwent a redevelopment was the former Vista Park en-bloc. EL Development transformed the old condominium into a sleek, modern project named Parc Riviera. The development was a hit among investors and buyers, proving to be popular with a range of Singaporeans.

EL’s Commitment to Quality

One of the essential qualities of EL Development’s success is the committed focus on quality in all their developments. From Site Acquisition to Concept and Design, Construction, and ultimately handing over the completed project, each stage is executed to the highest standard. In a testimonial given by a satisfied customer, it was mentioned that the development company never compromised on the quality of materials, design, and service, making for an excellent experience.

The Future of EL Development

EL Development has established itself as an industry leader in the property market due to its continuously successful projects and unwavering commitment to quality. The company has completed many major private condominiums, all with unique concepts and themes, such as the latest project, Parc Clematis, which has enjoyed significant demand since its launch.

Looking ahead, EL Development has an eye on expanding their portfolio overseas while continuing to strengthen their Singapore property market presence. The company believes that building a sustainable foundation and maintaining a customer-focused approach will lead to continued success in the years to come. Dive deeper into the topic and discover new viewpoints using this handpicked external material. blossoms by the park


Since its founding, EL Development has had an impressive history of bringing innovative and high-quality projects to the Singapore property market. With its commitment to excellence, EL Development will undoubtedly continue to create remarkable developments in the future for clients and investors alike.

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