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Maximizing Storage in a Small Bathroom

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Assess your Needs and Prioritize

Before you start any bathroom renovation, be sure to assess your needs and prioritize what you use most. This step will help you avoid cramming too much stuff into too little space. Also, take a good look at what types of items you have in the bathroom. Are you storing cleaning supplies or toiletries? This will help you determine if you need an open or closed storage solution. Aiming to delve further into the subject matter? Explore this thoughtfully chosen external source and discover worthwhile and supplementary details., investigate and expand your knowledge!

Consider Wall Space

For small bathrooms, wall space is valuable real estate. Wall shelving, hanging storage solutions, and even suspended cabinets are wonderful options to consider for maximizing storage. Keep in mind that you may need to hire a professional to install wall-mounted cabinets to ensure proper installation, which will add to the overall cost of the remodel. However, it is worth the investment when you have a more functional space.

Use Your Door to the Fullest

If you have limited wall space or cramped quarters, take a look at the door. It can offer a creative storage solution. Over-the-door towel racks, baskets or shelves with suction cups or hooks hung on the door can be an efficient use of space without obstructing other areas of the bathroom. Plus, it is an easy DIY project that won’t break the bank.

Incorporate Mirrors with Storage Shelves

Mirrors are already a staple in any bathroom, but you can take it to the next level by incorporating mirrors with storage shelves. They not only offer a practical storage solution, but they also add to the overall aesthetic of the room. It’s an excellent space-saving and organizing solution for your grooming necessities. You can also customize a full-length mirror to install hidden storage behind it for bigger items like towels or bath robes.

Get Creative with Corner Cabinets or Floating Shelves

Consider installing cabinets or floating shelves in the corners of the bathroom. Often overlooked, corners are a great way to create additional storage without taking up valuable floor space. There are many options available on the market for corner or floating shelves, making it easy to find something that can fit the style and look of your bathroom. You can also get creative with repurposed crates or pallets to give a rustic or shabby chic look.

Incorporate Multi-Functional Furniture

Not all bathroom storage solutions have to be cabinets or shelves. Consider using multi-functional furniture like ladder shelves with towel racks built-in, or benches with built-in storage for linens. You can also add a hamper or storage unit below the sink by removing the sink cabinet and replacing it with a stand-alone vanity. This option gives you more room to store your items and allows you to showcase your bathroom style with a beautiful piece of furniture.


A small bathroom doesn’t have to be a cramped or cluttered space. With a little creativity and planning, it’s easy to create additional storage options that work with your bathroom’s layout and design style. By prioritizing your needs and maximizing wall space and corners, you can create a functional and beautiful bathroom. If you wish to expand your knowledge further on the subject, don’t miss this carefully selected external resource we’ve prepared to complement your reading. kitchen renovation.

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