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Understanding Netherlands Zip Codes by Region

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What are Zip Codes in the Netherlands?

Zip codes in the Netherlands, also known as postcodes, are an essential part of the country’s postal system. They are a combination of four digits and two letters, comprising of the postal district and the specific area within that district. There are around 4300 zip codes used throughout the country, and they are used to accurately deliver mail and packages to the correct destinations. Gain further insights about postcode zoeken with this external source.

How are Zip Codes Divided in the Netherlands?

The Netherlands is divided into 11 regions, which include 12 provinces and three overseas territories. Each region has its own unique zip code that starts with two numbers, which represent the region and the specific area. The first two digits range from 10 to 99, and each one represents a particular region, as follows:

Understanding Netherlands Zip Codes by Region 1

  • 10-19: Groningen
  • 20-29: Friesland
  • 30-39: Drenthe
  • 40-49: Overijssel
  • 50-59: Gelderland
  • 60-69: Flevoland
  • 70-79: Utrecht
  • 80-89: North-Holland
  • 90-99: South-Holland and Zeeland
  • Each region is then divided into smaller areas defined by two letters, which represent the specific location. For example, the zip code for the Hague would be 2511 XX, where XX stands for a specific area within the city.

    Why is Understanding Zip Codes Important?

    Knowing the correct zip code when sending mail or packages in the Netherlands is crucial to ensure they arrive at their destination promptly. Without the correct zip code, mail may be delayed or be sent to the wrong location, causing inconvenience and frustration for both sender and receiver. Therefore, understanding and using zip codes correctly can save time, money, and headaches for everyone involved in the mailing process.

    How to Find Zip Codes in the Netherlands?

    There are several ways to find zip codes in the Netherlands. One of the simplest methods is to use the online postal code database provided by PostNL, the national postal service. This database allows you to search for zip codes by address, city, or postcode, making it easy to find the correct code quickly.

    Alternatively, you can also find zip codes using other popular online map services such as Google Maps or OpenStreetMap. By typing in the address, you can see the zip code associated with the location. However, it’s essential to ensure the address details are correct to avoid errors.

    It’s also possible to find zip codes by contacting the recipient directly or requesting the zip code from the national postal service. For example, PostNL has a dedicated customer service phone line that can provide you with the necessary zip code information.


    Understanding the zip codes in the Netherlands is a crucial part of the country’s postal system. Knowing the correct code for a particular region and location can help ensure that your mail or packages arrive at their destination in a timely and accurate manner. By using online databases, maps, or contacting the recipient directly, finding the right zip code has never been easier. So, the next time you send something in the mail in the Netherlands, make sure to double-check the zip code for a smoother delivery process. To enjoy a comprehensive learning journey, investigate this recommended external site. It provides supplementary and worthwhile details on the subject, assisting you in expanding your knowledge of the topic. Click for more related information!

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