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Celebrity Sneaker Collections: Who Has the Best?

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Celebrity Sneaker Collections: Who Has the Best? 1

Michael Jordan

If we’re talking about celebrity sneaker collections, we can’t leave out the one and only Michael Jordan. As the greatest basketball player to ever grace the court, it’s no surprise that Jordan’s love for sneakers translates into a jaw-dropping collection. The signature Air Jordan is not only one of the most iconic sneakers of all time, but MJ’s notable collaboration with Nike led to a line of highly sought-after kicks for both athletes and collectors alike. His sneakers are so popular and so coveted that to this day, they are still being re-released in new colorways with exceptional demand.

Travis Scott

In the world of music and fashion, Travis Scott ranks among the best hypebeasts out there, and his sneaker collection certainly reflects that. He has collaborated with Nike and Jordan for standout limited-edition releases while working as a designer for his own sneaker brand, Cactus Jack. One of the most recognizable sneakers under Travis’s collection is the Air Jordan 1 Travis Scott x Fragment. It’s a spin-off on the classic AJ1 design with elements from iconic sneaker designer Hiroshi Fujiwara’s Fragment label. With the success of his Nike collaborations, Travis has undoubtedly established himself as one of the most significant players in the celebrity sneaker game.

Victor Cruz

Victor Cruz made his way onto the NFL field in 2010, but his true passion lies in footwear. The former wide receiver has an extraordinary collection of sneakers that spans across multiple brands and styles, making for a unique mix that’s just as impressive on and off the field. His love for Nike’s Air Trainer series is the most notable. It has led to collaborations with the brand, including the popular Air Trainer Cruz. He’s even been an avid collector since he was young and has invested millions into his sneaker hobby.

Kanye West

It’s not an exaggeration when we say that Kanye West has made a massive impact in the sneaker world. From his Yeezy collections with Adidas to his collaborative efforts with Nike, it’s safe to say that the musician and style icon knows how to design a banging pair of sneakers. His Kanye’s signature Yeezy 350 line has become one of the most identifiable sneakers in recent years, with each release immediately selling out and sometimes finding their way onto auction websites for resale for obscene amounts of money.

Olivia Kim

As the VP of Creative Projects at Nordstrom, Olivia Kim consolidated all her passion for sneakers into a career. She’s known for her innovative design approach, as well as her coveted sneaker collection. The fashion-forward conglomerate takes her passion for footwear to the next level, incorporating elements of vintage style into contemporary pieces. Together with Nike, she created the wildly successful Nike x Olivia Kim collection.

As the years have gone by, the sneaker game has become more and more critical. Celebrities and athletes alike are often wearing and creating their kicks, leading to lucrative collaborations. The sneaker collections of these individuals, as we’ve seen with Michael Jordan, Travis Scott, Victor Cruz, Kanye West, and Olivia Kim, are worth millions. It’s nothing short of impressive to see the never-ending creativity in the designs and collaborations that arise in the sneaker game, making it an attractive field both to participate in and spectate. Should you want to discover more about the subject,, to supplement your reading. Uncover worthwhile insights and fresh perspectives!

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